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Remington (Remy) is a floppy-eared, 80lb, black/tan male, almost 2 years old. He was surrendered to a Sacramento area shelter but no background information was provided.

Remy appears to have been an outside dog, but has quickly learned that living indoors with his canine and human foster family is a pretty good gig. He is a bit uncertain with new situations at first, but is gaining confidence every day as these new experiences become routine. This gentle, affectionate boy has wonderful house manners. Remy sleeps on a dog bed in his foster mom's bedroom at night and he (along with the 3 other dogs in the house) has free run in the house while his foster parents are at work and uses a doggie door to go outside. He met the three other German Shepherds in the foster home easily, but has not been tested with small dogs. He is learning to play and interact with the other dogs in the house and he basically ignores the resident cats.

He is a fairly laid back dog, but he does put up some resistance if he feels he's being forced to do something new, like load up into the car or into the crate. He shies away from the leash initially, but once leashed, he walks nicely and does not pull. While most experiences are new to Remy, there is one thing he is VERY good at - playing fetch!! He loves balls and any toy he can jump in the air to catch - he gives GCGSR dog Leilani a run for her money chasing balls together.

Remy's personality is a nice balance of mellow and playful. Continued socialization and training will help him become an ideal family dog.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added Septmember 2017

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