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Surrendered as a young pup to a Sacramento shelter along with one littermate and mother, Riesling's estimated birthdate is early July 2018 and she currently weighs 25 lbs.

Riesling is a lovely, fun-loving girl.  She's an energetic, interactive pup that enjoys plenty of activity from her foster family and their stable 5-year-old male shepherd.  She is learning housebreaking with the assistance of dog doors and reminder escorts to use the outside facilities.  She is best suited for someone familiar with the breed that understands her need for directing her energy, interest and activities in a way that is appropriate for her young age. Over the past couple of weeks, she has adjusted beautifully and her personality and enthusiasm have emerged.


Initially fostered with her littermate, she was dominant, mouthy and would provoke him to play, wait for him to happen by and pounce, and ramp up the play.  Now with her foster family's adult shepherd, she is gently reminded how to be appropriate with older dogs and that her foster family isn't OK with her nipping at their heels and clothing. Sometimes she is also excited about meal times and needs a chew toy following a meal.  Continued work with her to direct her mouthy nature to a dog toy is helping and she now greets with licks.


Around the house and yard, she creates her own agility and obstacle courses by crawling under beds, around toilet tanks, through parked bicycles, and behind everything in the yard.  She seeks places that are small, confined or hidden to rest, even though her foster home has a fairly open floor plan and yard.  Because of this, she may be a good candidate for an extra i.d. tag or GPS tag so that she can be easily located if she ever gets out unsupervised.

Riesling will require proper training and socialization while she grows and matures. May be young enough to learn to live with cats and small critters.  Due to her chewing stage, which is already evident, a home without young children is recommended.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added October 2018

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