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This is a Level 2 Dog

This very special boy came to us as a stray from a Sacramento shelter after he had been hit by a car. Both sides of his pelvis were fractured, and he had lots of other cuts and bruises. After FHO surgery, several weeks confined to a crate to recover, and some therapy for his leg muscles, he is ready to find his forever home.

Rocco is an absolutely charming 2 year old dark black and tan male. He is on the small side at around 70 lbs. Rocco loves meeting new people, and likes everyone he's met so far.

He is in a foster home with another large male and an older female GSD. He gets along nicely with both, but he will get pushy when another dog is getting attention or affection from people because he doesn't want to miss out.

Rocco seems to learn things very quickly and teaching him something new usually only takes once or twice before he figures out what you want. He is eager to please, and extremely food motivated. He learned that he has a place and an order at feeding time, and he will run to his place and wait his turn. He has also learned "sit" and "wait" even when his bowl is on the floor in front of him. He knows to wait until you release him. He also rides nicely in a car.

Rocco has learned how to use a dog door to let himself outside, and he does not get up on furniture or jump on people. He prefers a soft dog bed to sleep on at night. Rocco loves treats, and toys that he can shred into tiny pieces, so be prepared to supply him with a new toy every few days!

He tends to be messy when he drinks water, so may not be the ideal dog for someone who minds puddles on the floor or wet sloppy kisses.

Because of his surgery, his ideal home will be with someone committed to slow controlled walks, swimming or other low impact exercises to help Rocco build back up the muscles in his left leg. Without proper rehab, Rocco may continue to bunny hop when running and not fully use his one back leg.

It is unknown how he is with cats, critters or small dogs.

Added June 2017

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