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Sofie is a 46.5 pound, petite red and black cute female who was adopted from us about 4 years ago but returned when the previous owners didn't have enough time to dedicate to her. Sofie meets other dogs of all sizes easily. Her foster homes have had large German Shepherds and one even had a pug; Sofie has gotten along well with all of them. She is a very good alarm barker when she feels there may be danger and sounds like a big dog.

Sofie meets most people nicely, but can become anxious in new environments and if a situation is new to her, i.e., did not like a person on crutches and refused to approach to see there was nothing to fear. During a recent thunderstorm with no one home and Sofie left outside, she jumped a 6 foot fence to escape.

In her current foster home it took Sofie approximately 1-2 weeks to find a quiet, private, space or crate to settle into. Now she can easily be left alone or in her crate with a kong filled with something yummy during the day, when her foster parent is at work or out running errands. Sofie is a great companion, but she does take some time to settle in and become comfortable in a new environment. Until then, she does display very anxious behavior.

Sofie is great on a leash and will need daily walks to help her burn off energy, which also helps to keep her calm. She is housebroken, crate trained, knows basic commands, and loves car rides. This girl also loves to eat, and is a bit of a counter-surfer if food is left within her reach. We recommend her new owners enroll in obedience classes as a refresher for Sofie and a bonding experience between dog and human.

Sofie prefers to stay indoors and does not like to be left alone outside without her humans. She has been known to clear a 6' fence or squeeze through a broken board in order to find company. Her current foster home has a welded-wire kennel with a wire roof added on top, which keeps her safe and secure while her foster family is gone.

Sofie gets very excited around cats. She corrects easily and with dog-savvy cats and a handler with the patience and experience to teach her not to bother cats, she MAY be able to live with cats. Sofie is affectionate and wants to please.

This is a Level 3 Dog. Please be sure you understand what a dog of this Level requires.

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