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Sofie is a 46.5 pound, petite red and black female who was adopted from us 4 years ago and given up due to her destructive behavior when left alone during the workday. Sofie meets other dogs of all sizes easily. Her current foster home has a large German Shepherd and a Pug. With use of a dog door during the day, Sofie has not displayed any destructive behavior, but does bark at the neighbor's dogs. She is a very good alarm barker when she feels there may be danger and sounds like a big dog.

Sofie meets most people nicely, but can become anxious in new environments and if a situation is new to her, i.e., did not like a person on crutches and refused to approach to see there was nothing to fear. During a recent thunderstorm with no one home and Sofie left outside, she jumped a 6 foot fence to escape.

Sofie is great on a leash and will need daily walks to help her burn off energy, which also helps to keep her calm. She is housebroken, with use of a doggy door, knows basic commands, and loves car rides. That said, we recommend new owners enroll in obedience classes as a refresher for Sofie and a bonding experience between dog and human.

Sofie gets very excited around cats. She corrects easily and with dog-savvy cats, a handler with the patience and experience to teach her not to bother cats, she MAY be able to live with cats. Sofie is affectionate and wants to please.

This is a Level 3 Dog. Please be sure you understand what a dog of this Level requires.

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