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Spanky is an approximately one year old, black and tan male. He came out of a Sacramento area shelter as a stray so nothing is known about his background. His ears had signs of fly strike and his coat had several fox tails in multiple areas of his body, so he was either a stray for sometime or was kept as an outdoor dog. He is a medium sized boy.

Spanky would love another playful dog to burn up some energy. He's currently living with three other German Shepherds, but none of them will play with him. He may play too rough for small dogs. He's also living with an indoor cat, but is not at a point to be trusted off leash with the cat yet. Spanky is learning house manners and is being treated as if he's not housebroken so is currently kept tethered to his foster mom. Crating is not his favorite thing , but after the first night learned that causing a fuss does no good and now sleeps through the night.

He shows no interest in chasing a ball. He gets easily distracted when eating as he wants to know what the other dogs are doing inside. He also is not very food motivated. Spanky does walk nicely on a leash. When fast loud cars pass him, he will sometimes flinch, but is getting better all the time. His stamina seems a little low, but it could be because he's currently battling kennel cough.

A very affectionate boy, Spanky will do his best to crawl in your lap if you let him. He was around children ages 3 and 5 years old and was very gentle with them. With consistent training, exercise, and preferably another playful dog, Spanky will be a great companion to a lucky adopter.

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Added November 2017

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