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Spock is an approximately one year old, black and tan male with large pointy ears. He was a stray from a Sacramento area shelter, so nothing is known about his background. He may have been outside a lot or was a stray for sometime, as the fur on the top half of his ears show obvious signs of fly strike.

Spock appears to be housebroken. He is not used to the crate and resists getting in, but is doing better each night settling down to sleep. He is learning house manners and corrects easily. Spock does great on walks, staying by your side, unless he's distracted by another dog or a barking dog behind a fence. He can easily be corrected and doesn't show anything more than curiosity by the distractions. He occasionally picks up items or chews on items in front of him, i.e., socks, shoes, the cord on the vacuum, or his leash. Keeping on eye on this and giving appropriate chew toys will keep him out of trouble.

The current foster home has a young female German Shepherds and two senior male shepherds and he met them all easily. Spock tries to engage the female in play, but he doesn't quite understand her style of play, which is a game of chase. He was at another home with a Labrador and they did very well together chasing tennis balls. He seemed to get overly excited there from play and scared the young children in that house, so he should be in an adult only home or home with older children.

Spock is learning to live with cats. He's fine when they aren't moving, but gets somewhat excited when they move. He is on leash in the house until he can be trusted, which shouldn't take long. Inside Spock settles quickly and likes to shadow the foster mom and lie at her feet. He is very affectionate and sweet.

Further training and regular exercise will be needed so Spock can live long and prosper.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added Septmember 2017

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