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Staraya is a 9-month-old, beautiful, large, long coat female weighing 70 lbs.  She may have a touch of something else mixed in, but because she came from a local shelter, nothing is known about her background.


She has lived in a foster home with older children and cats.  She knows basic commands, is housebroken, and is crate trained.  She initially pulls on the leash, but corrects easily.  Staraya enjoys car rides, but needs assistance getting into the vehicle. She has the perfect combination of affection and independence. She loves to be brushed and hugged, but will go entertain herself if you are busy (usually appropriate chewing or napping).


Staraya is currently fostered in a home with two large males and a large female.  Staraya gets along well with all the dogs, but occasionally needs to be reminded that grumbling is not allowed.


Staraya has hip dysplasia on both rear legs as well as elbow dysplasia on both front legs.  She is being given pain meds, fish oil supplements, and anti-inflammatory meds, which help to control her pain and improve the quality of her life.  She will need FHO surgery at some point, but it is not recommended at this point due to her age.


Staraya's activity needs to be limited to light play and walking.  She will also need a home without stairs and preferably carpet to help with her stability. 


Staraya will need a home who understands how to work with a dog with a bad back end and possible rehabbing when surgery is needed.  Unfortunately, Staraya will never become a high energy, running or long-distance hiking partner, but for the right home, she will be a fabulous addition.


This is a Level 2 Dog

Updated January 2018

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