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Staraya is a 5 month old longcoated female. She was a stray from the Merced shelter, so nothing is known of her background.

Staraya has a unsteady gait. X-rays revealed that she does have hip dysplasia. The vet recommended she not have surgery, but wait until she is grown to see how her hips develop. She has anti-inflammatories and pain medication to take as needed.

Staraya has the perfect combination of affection and independence. She loves to be brushed and hugged, but will go entertain herself if you are busy (usually appropriate chewing or napping). She has a low energy level, but loves car rides and walks. She loved meeting the kids at school. She gets along with other dogs and ignores cats.

Because of her hips, she is looking for a home with another low energy dog that won't want to wrestle (she doesn't like to wrestle anyway). She won't be a running partner, but she makes a great pet for most homes. She is crate trained and almost housebroken. She is looking for an owner that will be able to spend time socializing and training her now, and will be able to get her surgery later if needed.

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