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TazTaz Head

Taz is an approximate two year old, black and tan male weighing 66 lbs. He is an energetic companion dog and has a good appetite. He was surrendered to a Sacramento area shelter, but nothing is known about his past.

Taz loves squeaky toys (but not interested in chasing balls), to follow his human around the house, and to go for car rides. He is undergoing crate training now. He may cry on the first night or so with you, since he isn't fond of being left alone.

He heals beautifully and corrects easily. Taz has been friendly and confident with other humans, including with the neighbor kids, and does good around other large dogs. He doesn't try to run after cats while he is on a leash but care should be taken since nothing is known about how he will interact with them. He is currently the only animal who is fostered at his temporary lodgings.

It is unknown how well he will do if left free in the house, since he is quite curious and likes to counter surf. Currently he is kept in the same room with his foster human, until he gets used to his new surroundings. When no one is home, Taz stays in an outdoor secure kennel. He prefers to be on the move and would make a great running partner.

He proved house broken after the 3rd day in his foster home and is using a dog door to go outside on his own. He knows most basic commands. He is slowly learning to Stay, since he would rather be close to his human. He isn't pushy for attention when you are busy, he is content to simply take naps near you. We recommend a formal dog training class, which helps in the bonding process and assuring Taz will respect the humans as pack leaders and lots of exercise for this boy who still acts like a pup at times.

Cats and small critters unknown.

This is a Level 2 Dog

This is a Level 3 Dog. Please be sure you understand what a dog of this Level requires.

Added October 2017

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