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Tokki is a petite female approximately 8 months old weighing about 50 lbs, but she may still have some growing to do. She was an unclaimed stray from Yolo County so her background is unknown.

Tokki is sweet and enjoys getting all the attention from her people. She is food motivated and knows some basic commands; sit, wait and leave it. She is still learning house manners, not to counter surf, not to jump on people, and she is learning to enjoy walks on a leash.

Currently, Tokki is living with a large male German Shepherd and three dog-savvy cats. However because of her high energy level she is a bit rough on the cats and does not understand they do not play the same as her 95 lb foster brother.

The ideal home for this high energy girl would be without cats and children over the age of 13. She would enjoy a very active home who will engage her in running, hiking, bike rides, and preferably another playful dog. She is super smart and should probably have a job. As a young dog,Tokki still wants to chew on anything, i.e, shoes, socks, feet, so redirecting her with appropriate toys and keeping a good eye on her is a must. She is not yet housebroken, but is learning.

The best home for Tokki will commit to formal training and taking her for agility or other activities to work her physically and mentally.

This is a Level 3 Dog. Please be sure you understand what a dog of this Level requires.

Added October 2017

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