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Toro is a 21 month old, striking black and tan male weighing 67 lbs. He is an owner surrender when his prior owners' age and health limited their ability to care properly for him. He came into the program with his sister, Abella.

Adopted at 8 weeks, Toro was not taken out into the world, except for grooming and occasional vet visits. Going for walks is a new experience and once a rhythm is struck, Toro walks fairly well on the leash. He gets anxious by loud cars and people walking past, but is learning to keep moving and enjoy the experience. Initially, Toro was very insecure in this new environment, but each day seems to be getting easier for him and he is showing more affectionate toward his foster mom.

Toro is housebroken and finds great security being in a crate. He is living with two senior male German Shepherds and a young female German Shepherd. He has not shown any interest in playing with the other dogs so far and displays moderate energy. He has ignored the cat in the house, but he has not seen the cat move about to know if he'd give chase. Inside, Toro tends to find a spot to lay down and plants himself in that spot. He is learning to share attention with the other dogs, but has corrected easily. All commands, such as sit and down, seem foreign to this boy. Outside, Toro has a loud, deep alarm bark.

Toro would benefit from having another stable, confident dog to follow. He also will need a home with patience to continue his socialization and training. He has lived with children 10 to 12 years old, but care must be taken with children of any age, so we'd suggest proper supervision of Toro around all children.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added November 2016

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