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WestinWestin Head

Westin is an 18 month old, black and tan male who was a stray from a local area shelter, so is little is known of his background.

He has easily blended into his foster home's pack, and lives with three large German Shepherds and two medium sized dogs that are a mix of ages and sexes. He appears housebroken, uses a dog door, sleeps nicely in a crate and rides well in the car. When we first got him, it was a challenge to get him in the car, but now jumps right in and enjoys the rides.

Westin has a nice, calm, easy going demeanor, quiets down nicely in the house, and likes to be near his person. He will turn on the charm and rest his head in your lap waiting for pets, or will offer his belly waiting for you to give him a good belly scratching!

He came in rescue not knowing any obedience or how to walk on a leash, but he is quick learner and is making progress. He is only 18 months old, so he's not quite aware of how big he is, so care should be taken if he is around small children, side tables, kitchen chairs, patio furniture, etc.

We recommend that Westin be enrolled in a basic obedience class (it's as good for the humans as it is for the dog) to continue the work his foster has started.

Continued socialization, training, and exercise, coupled with his sweet temperament, Westin will become an amazing companion to the lucky family that adopts him.

We are unsure how he is with small furry critters.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added February 2017

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