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YodaYoda Head

Yoda is a black and tan male GSD, approximately 12 months old and very thin at 70 lbs. He came to us from a Sacramento area shelter as a stray whose owners didn't claim, so nothing is known of his background. He appears to have food or flea allergies that have caused major hair loss and skin irritation. With proper diet and medicated baths, in a short time, this boy is already showing significant improvement. He looks a little funny now with his big ears and wrinkled skin, but with his beautiful copper-colored eyes and regal posture, this youngster is well on his way to becoming a stunning dog!

Yoda acts like a giant puppy, goofy and playful at times, but he also likes to chill out on his dog bed near his human. He is currently living with a 4 year old male GSD and a 1 1/2 year old female GSD and he gets along very well with both. He has had limited exposure to small dogs and seems to be fine with them as well. Small children are an unknown.

He appears to be housebroken; using a doggie door and whines at the door to be let out if it's closed. He isn't thrilled with the crate, but will sleep quietly all night once inside. He is learning house manners, leash manners and basic commands, and will benefit from continued training. He rides well in the car and likes to visit dog-friendly establishments like Starbucks and Home Depot.

No cats or small critters.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added June 2017

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