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ZondaZonda Head

Zonda is a charming 9 year old female Malinois mix that was adopted out from us in 2010, then returned when one of the adult children moved in with the grandkids and Zonda gave the young toddler a warning snap, so no young kids for this girl.v

This cute redhead is a house princess, has excellent manners, loves having a dog door, and has some nice training under her belt. Miss Zonda is an active and energetic girl who loves to go on car rides or for her daily walk. She is happy to go 2-3 miles and gets very excited when the leash comes out. She likes going along beside the bicycle, but isn't as young as she used to be, so care needs to be taken so she doesn't overdo it. Zonda is friendly, but doesn't want strangers in her face. Once she has accepted you, she is kissy and affectionate, with a tail that never stops wagging. She likes a little after dinner snuggling as well.

Zonda gets along with most large male and female dogs in her foster home. She is a little too much for small dogs. Zonda has high prey drive, so no cats or small furry critters for her. She will spend hours on squirrel watch, and won't tolerate cats within her eyesight. She is very territorial, and will bark sharply at strangers who come to the door or pass by the front window.

Zonda would be happy as an only dog or with the right dog friend to play with.

This is a Level 3 Dog. Please be sure you understand what this level of dog requires.

Added December 2018

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Zonda 01

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