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NOTE: This is a Courtesy Listing for an indivdual. Greater California German Shepherd Rescue does not have any information about this dog.

Please contact Elise, if interested in adopting Kizmet.


Kizmet is searching for a home with an active outdoor ranch property with a doggy companion(s) and considerate owners. She is a gentle and loving 3-year-old (estimated) German Shepherd (60 pounds). She is wonderful with other animals and children, though she might prefer to not live with small children. She needs everyone in her family to understand her anxiety, so they can help her be her happiest self.

We are not the perfect home for Kizmet with her anxiety. After working with her, she has improved immensely, however our children still bring out a lot of anxiety in her. Additionally, we travel in our RV to visit our family members out of state and she is unnerved by the discontinuity of travels. Her separation is a big concern as our lifestyle is becoming busier with kids in school, mom working more, and dad gone for days at a time. Also, my doctor recently recommended I live without pets due to chronic inflammation due to allergies. This amazing girl needs something more than we have been able to give her in our suburban family life.

1. Physical info - Female/spayed, estimated 3 years old, 60 pounds, with moderate-high energy.

2. Background - Her first two years of life are unknown (rescued from Solano County by Hearts for Paws Rescue); we have had her in a family home environment for just over one year. Medical: her most recent vaccines (11/08/18) included Rabies, DHLPP, Bordetella, Lepto. And she is on Trigaurd for heartworm prevention.

3. Temperament and personality - She is an amazing dog! She is great with other animals and people. She is gentle, somehow she barely stinks compared to other dogs. She isn't yappy and doesn't jump up. She walks well on/off leash (except if her pack is separated and her nerves get her antsy). She doesn't need toys all over the place (one ball is enough-yet she's not ball possessive). She's small for a GSD. She has good hips for a GSD. Might I add, she's the cutest! She does lack confidence and has relentless general anxiety. She has low confidence and trouble regulating and is usually pacing, whining, and can lack bowel control when left alone (though we have worked through this mostly through TLC and Prozac.)

4. House manners/training - She walks wonderfully on/off leash, comes to a whistle or "Kizzy Come." She recognizes her name as Kizmet, Kiz, or Kizzy. She knows "Go Privy" for potty, "Out of the Kitchen" when she is underfoot, "Excuse Me" when she is in the way (like when she is nervously herding us), "Sit," "Fetch, Drop It, Leave It." We have taken her to UC Davis behavioral health. She is not food motivated and does not respond well to scolding...she needs compassion and patience, so quick behavioral "tricks" of treats or e-collars are not for her). Any behavior problems are a result of her general anxiety. She could maybe even do without prozac on a ranch with companion dogs. Overall, she is trainable and is completely lovely with an active lifestyle.

5. Compatibility with other animals - Yes to all.
Dog-Friendly: She gets along well with dogs on and off leash. She seems to be "middle of the pack." She might give a "leave me alone" bark to an exuberant dog. She might try to "referee" other dogs who are fighting, especially if she is protecting a dog she knows (she puts an open mouth over the shoulders of one of the dogs to pin them down). If she is attacked, she will engage, but will also back off when we call to her. Cats: We foster kittens and she is respectfully curious. She has had an older neighbor cat attack her, and she still wants to be its friend.

6. Compatibility with lifestyle - Kizmet should not be left alone. She at least needs another dog she attaches to. We have videotaped her when alone for a few hours (she is rarely left for longer than 4 hours) and she cannot settle down. I would like to see her with another dog sibling (she eats better and her eyes sparkle more when we dog sit my parents' dog). I'd like to see her outside of city limits with land and an outdoor lifestyle (she shows much more confidence when we visit family ranch property). I would not have her live with anyone who uses harsh discipline (again, she seems to have low self-esteem and wants love!).

Kizmet might not be suited for a home with small children. She loves her kids so much that she gets uncontrollably anxious when they are playing and running around. She is nervous when we are in separate rooms, or even 50 feet from each other at a park. She loves her boys (3,5 yrs) but she will not cuddle with us. She wants belly rubs first thing in the morning, but then she skitters away like she's ashamed/uncomfortable. She wants to be near us constantly, but wont accept our love when we call her to us to sit and be cuddled (she'll go back to her bed on the floor). She doesn't really let them hug her (gently!) or receive treats from them. We have worked tirelessly with them to build a connection, trained the kids to be gentle, quiet, and play peacefully around her, yet she does not seem comfortable around them. (Note: she is lovely around kids and I would not be worried at all about visiting children.)

From Owner: This is a Level 2 Dog - Moderate & Adaptable

Please contact Elise, if interested in adopting Kizmet.


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